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Invitation: 7th YEAR of the JOURNAL OF PUBLIC FINANCE AND TAX LAW "The Taxation Senators II"
1 July 2014 at FDUL - Gravação vídeo disponível

"The Taxation Senators II"
1 July 2014 at FDUL

The Journal of Public Finance and Tax Law has entered its seventh year of publication, and to mark the date we will have a session of exceptional quality.
Following the session that took place last year, the Institute for Economic, Financial and Tax Law decided to honour an exceptional grouping of Tax Administration personnel and leaders, who have retired after many years of service to the Portuguese State. We can therefore pay testimony to our respect and gratitude.
To speak of taxation and the role of administration, we are honoured that we will have with us Dr. João Amaral Tomaz, who is a professional and civic point of reference for all of us.
We also wish that on this day we can share the joy and feelings that go beyond the difficulties of everyday life, and so we will have the great pleasure of having Nicolau Santos and the Manuel Lourenço jazz band with us.
With his magnificent poems, to which Nicolau Santos imbibes a special strength and beauty and with the excellent music that we will hear, we also wish to express the importance we attach to culture.
With our taxes we pay for civilization, as Judge Wendell Holmes stated, and in this civilization poetry, music and general culture play a leading role, alongside health, education and social welfare.
So we are pleased to invite all our friends, friends of the honorees, the tax cultivators, citizens engaged in the life of their country and lovers of music and poetry to attend this session.
At the end there will be a dinner served in the College itself, and the menu is attached. Where we hope you will honour us with your presence.
Please accept our warmest greetings
                                                          Eduardo Paz Ferreira  

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