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Invitation: Seminar
Invitation: Seminar "Sustainable Programme for Restructuring the Portuguese Debt"
10 July 2014 at 10 a.m. in Amp. 6 of FDUL - Relatório "Um Programa Sustentável para a Reestruturação da Dívida Portuguesa" disponível


Seminar "Sustainable Programme for Restructuring the Portuguese Debt"

It is with great pleasure that IDEFF and the Observatory for Crises and Alternatives (Centre for Social Studies) invite you to continue the debate on the restructuring of the Portuguese debt.

This Thursday, 10 July, between 10 and 12:30 in Amphitheatre 6 of the Faculty of Law  University of Lisbon, a Sustainable Restructuring Programme for the Portuguese Debt authored by Ricardo Cabral, Francisco Louçã, Eugénia Pires and Pedro Nuno Santos will be presented and discussed.

The authors have drawn up a concrete plan for the restructuring of Portuguese external debt, establishing three key objectives: (1) to reduce the annual flow of interest payments by  EUR 4.7 mM, (2) to repay all existing public debt between 2045 and 2054, and (3) to reduce net external debt to ensure the future self-financing of the national economy.

This contribution is part of the national debate on the restructuring of Portuguese debt, driven by the Manifesto of the 74 proposals, which continues to debate concrete and achievable alternatives, through presenting quantified and precise trajectories. The preparation and negotiation of a restructuring program of this type could be seen as the obligation of a government wishing to defend democracy and end the protectorate.

And it is for the presentation and discussion of this particular trajectory that we invite and are counting on you along with your friends.
Eduardo Paz Ferreira
Francisco Louçã


Admission is free subject to advance registration and subject to the capacity of the room: ou 217 962 198/961 497 070

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